Module 2: IB Behavioral Interview

Preparation for Finance Interviews

Updated and Revised! This 56 page guide is a compilation of over 100+ of the most common behavioral / fit questions encountered in Wall Street interviews with detailed advice and examples. This guide was created to provide prospective financiers a quick review for a fraction of the price of other interview guides. This is an electronic pdf so you get everything immediately and can start studying right away.

New features of the second version include:

1. Expanded general tips and preparation
2. New questions
3. Sample answers to each and every question
4. More advice on how to respond
5. Additional advice on asking the interviewer questions and over 30 sample questions to ask.

Fit questions are part of almost every finance interview. There are certain questions you can always expect to get but often candidates are unsure of how to best approach them. In this guide not only do we give you specific guidance but we even provide examples. That is the difference between this guide and others. A sample response of what an interviewer is looking for is provided for every question. In this difficult market and competitive industry it is important to gain any edge you can. If you put in the time to review, this guide will give you that edge.

Types of questions that are included in this guide:

1. The One Question You WILL Get In Your Interview
2. Industry
3. About You
4. Situational
5. Tricky
6. Other


"All I can say is I wish I had the Wall Street Oasis Behavioral Guide before I went into my banking interviews. I was well prepared for some of the fit questions that came my way, but others challenged me. With the extensive number of questions in this guide and the sample answers, I would have felt prepared to handle almost anything.” –2nd Year Analyst, Credit Suisse, Mergers and Acquisitions

"I have purchased the Technical, Behavioral and Networking guides. All of them are great! I bought the Vault guides for $25 or $30 or whatever, but I think these guides are actually better." - NewIBHire27

"I didn't read Wall Street Oasis Technical and Behavioral Interview guides until after my first year in my MBA program, and frankly they contained everything I had spent the last year learning to get a job on the Street. I highly recommend them to anyone preparing for an interview, finance or other. It's a heck of a lot cheaper than an MBA (not to mention faster and more to the point)." - MIT Sloan MBA, Class of 2009

"The behavioral guide was just as useful as the technical guide. A lot of people don't focus as much on the behavioral section of interviews, but interviewers really have an idea of what they want to hear in answers. This guide provided great tips on words to mention, stories to tell, and gave an example of a "good" response for almost every question." - Scott M.

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