The Guide to Trading Stocks and Options

Strategies to Profit in Up & Down Markets

The Guide to Trading Stocks and Options will provide you much more than the strategies needed to take advantage of bullish and bearish trends. You will learn how to combine the necessary elements of strategy selection and market timing in the context of risk management, due diligence and exit strategies to form a complete system of trading.

You will learn concepts that are vital to thriving in today's markets, such as how to profit from volatility and how to generate monthly income. Each strategy is presented with exit points, so that you will discover how to control greed and fear. And a special bonus section has been added to show you what to look for when choosing a broker so you don't pay too much in transaction fees.

You can spend years trying to learn the pitfalls of trading the stock market by trial and error. Or you can take advantage of those who have already succeeded. At WSO, we collaborated with a professional trading expert who thrived in 2008 when most people were losing money. In fact, his whole team of professional traders and trading instructors profited in 2008 from the system of trading presented in this comprehensive guide. So, you can be confident that you will be receiving top-class material from an industry expert who has taught thousands of investors and traders from almost every major region of the world.

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